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Behind The Business: 3 Tools We Couldn't Live Without

Running an online shop in the Wedding Industry isn't all about flowers and glitter. It's hard work! There are some tools that we use everyday in our business however, that make things easier for us. We wanted to share three of these in the hopes that they might be useful to other Wedding Professionals. One is specific to the Wedding Industry but the other two could be useful to any Business Owner.

Let's dive in!

1. Shopify

Rescue Flats is not a brick and mortar store so it was pretty important to find the right e-commerce platform for our small business. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so we thought that customer service should also be a priority for any company we choose to work with.

Shopify is known for their amazing customer support and it doesn't hurt that they are Canadian, just like us! I don't mean this as a "go Canada, go" statement. We knew that they would understand any e-commerce issues that a Canadian business might have selling to customers in the United States.

The good people at Shopify are miracle workers! I can't imagine another e-commerce platform providing better resources and help to their customers. They are constantly innovating and are proving to be the industry leader.

2. Groove

For the better part of two years Sarah handled all of our customer calls and emails. Right before the start of this year's wedding season, it was becoming obvious that if Sarah wanted to maintain her sanity, this couldn't continue. Sarah loves speaking to customers over the phone so she wasn't going to give it up. To be honest, I'm thankful for that! She's excellent at it.

We began trying to find a solution to tackle her growing inbox. We needed to answer emails as a team and answer common questions that we receive in an organized way.

Our first thought was to try Zendesk. What a disaster! We couldn't connect the dedicated email address we wanted to use and they just didn't seem to be able to help us. Not a good sign for a customer service software company. Their dashboard was complicated and full of features we'd probably never use or understand.

Our search continued until we came across Groove. We signed up for a free trial account and as soon as I logged in, I knew we had found exactly what we needed for our small business. We were up and using our dashboard in under 5 minutes.

I went to work immediately, creating common replies to frequently asked questions which has saved us so much time! We each have our own profile but can see each others responses to customers in an intuitive way. We can leave notes to one another and best of all, our customer support emails sent within Groove look like regular emails instead of looking like they came from a robotic ticketing system. Groove is now so integrated with how we work everyday, that it's hard to picture our business life without it.

3. WeddingWire

Not long after our launch, Sarah decided that it was important for Rescue Flats to start collecting independent customer reviews of our products. Not only did we want to openly show potential customers what real couples thought of their experience with us, we also needed a way to collect valuable customer feedback as a means of making improvements and ensuring we were on the right track.

Sarah opted to use WeddingWire and we have never regretted it. The bulk of our orders have always come from the Eastern United States. This is where WeddingWire is geographically strong, being headquartered out of Maryland. We have found that WeddingWire is continually making improvements and expanding its reach.

We recently had a call with a WeddingWire representative who highlighted that WeddingWire is a technology company at its heart and is where Brides will be, not where they have been in the past. We love that they are so forward looking.

WeddingWire has proven to be one of our top referral sources and we are so proud that Rescue Flats has received a WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award two years in a row!


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