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Behind The Business: How We Got 50 Reviews On WeddingWire

Rescue Flats | | How We Got 50 Reviews On Weddingwire

Several weeks ago we detailed why WeddingWire is one of the top 3 tools that we couldn't live without in our first Behind The Business post. We use WeddingWire to showcase customer reviews and to collect customer feedback in order to make improvements to our products and service.

We just recently passed an exciting benchmark on WeddingWire. Rescue Flats now has over 50 reviews with a 4.9/5 rating! We are pretty excited about this and wanted to share with you how we got there.

A great product and exceptional customer service

It won't surprise you that we think Rescue Flats are pretty great! We do everything we can to make sure our customers love our ballet flat dancing slippers. Planning a wedding can be complicated and stressful. Sarah and I have both been there. We designed our packages to be high quality, classy and no fuss.

One thing in particular that makes us shine in the customer service department is that we make it very easy for potential customers to talk to us over the phone. We are an online shop, but right from the beginning Sarah made a point of being as accessible as possible to anyone that might have questions about Rescue Flats. This goes a long way in establishing trust and it really lets us build relationships with our customers in a way that emails can't. In many ways, this helps us tune into what our customers really want and allows us offer a better product

We also try to be as flexible as we can, whether it be shipping an order ASAP, accommodating customization when possible or fixing mistakes in the rare instances when they occur. Small things can go a long way to make good customer experience a great one.

Customer followup and review requests

We are proactive in that we directly request reviews from our customers. Sarah developed a specific review process that we follow at Rescue Flats.

We know that our customers typically use their Rescue Flats wedding favors within 2-3 months of purchasing. It wouldn't make sense for us to send a review request immediately after purchase, so we wait until this time period has passed.

We do not use the standard review request template that WeddingWire provides vendors. Our review email includes a heartfelt message and is personalized. We include Sarah's picture and signature in the email. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to review us by providing a direct link and we send a follow up email to our initial review request.

WeddingWire may not be suited for every wedding professional or business but it has worked well for us. We strongly believe that our success using their service is the result of proactively asking for past customers to review us.

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