20 Pairs of Rose Gold Rescue Flats (Rose Gold Display Box)

$299.00 (USD)

20 Pairs of Rose Gold Rescue Flats (Rose Gold Display Box)

$299.00 (USD)
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$299.00 (USD)

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Perfectly curated, artfully designed, foldable ballet flats that we vow will keep your guests dancing all night long. Also perfect for Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Quinceañera Celebrations, Bachelorette Parties and other special events.
  • Each Rescue Flats display box includes everything you’ll need to create a stunning  and easy to use display. Simply open your box and enjoy!

    • 20 pairs of Rescue Flats each wrapped with a satin ribbon: 5 Small, 10 Medium, 5 Large
    • Satin ribbon is also a hair bow
    • 20 high heel bags (for your guests to put their high heels into once they are wearing Rescue Flats)
    • 1 high-grade display box and signage that reads “Slip off your heels and dance!”

    Display Box Size:

    Height: 8 " (20.32 cm)

    Width: 12" (30.48 cm)

    Length: 16" (40.64 cm)

    Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)

    • Small (fits size 6-7)
    • Medium (fits size 8-9)
    • Large (fits size 10-11)

    Please note that sizes cannot be customized.

    Not sure how many box sets to order? We recommend 1 box set per 60 total invited wedding guests.

    Total Guests # Box Sets
    1-60 1
    61-121 2
    122-182 3
    183-243 4
    244-304 5
    305-365 6

View The Gallery for more display ideas!    


Customer Reviews

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"I actually got choked up as I opened the box. They are gorgeous. Stunning."


"Not a pair was left over. People were raving about what a great idea it was!"


"Everyone loved them! I'm still getting comments from guests about how awesome they were!"