Our Fabulous Flats

It’s all in the name. Rescue Flats is there for the “foot” rescue… right when it’s time to kick off the heels and trade for a quality solution.

They’re an ideal favor for guests who love to party and will last a whole lot longer than 24 hours. Let’s face it, dollar store flip flops have all done us wrong in the past. We will neither confirm nor deny an embarrassing flip flop breakage during a Justin Timberlake mashup dance off.

Wedding Slippers For Guests | Rescue Flats 20 Pair Box Set

Not only does each pair include a satin ribbon which doubles as a hairbow (YAS for value), your guests will receive a designated high heel bag to store their pretty stilettos once they’ve done the job. Box sets come with 20 pairs ranged from small to large, and trust us when we say it’ll be the easiest display you ever did create.

Rescue Flats | Foldable Ballet Flats Bulk Box Sets For Weddings

At the end of the day, beautiful celebrations should go on forever (or at least close to!) And there’s no worse bummer than having to leave a party because your feet hurt. So take this summery poolside bridal shower as inspiration for your own wedding events, and tell us how you plan on displaying your Rescue Flats boxes. It’s a totally attainable art. Shop our latest box sets here, and if it’s a fall wedding you’re planning, we’d have our eyes on that limited edition slate color!

Rescue Flats | Summer Bridal Shower Ballet Flat Inspiration

Rescue Flats | Champagne Colored Dancing Shoes For Wedding Guests

Rescue Flats | Wedding Ballet Slippers For Guests

Not sure how many box sets to order? We recommend 1 box set per 60 wedding guests.

 Guests Recommended Boxes
10-60 1
61-120 2
121-180 3
181-240 4
241-300 5
301-360 6
361-420 7